Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sniffex demonstration with known explosive locations.

After talking with Mr. White, I witnessed a live demonstration of Sniffex conducted by Mr. Ernest E. Griesser of Buena Park, California. His business card says he is a consultant. Mr. Griesser used Sniffex to locate "four bullets and a little bit of fertilizer" inside a closed steel box. Please see this clip:

I witnessed several demonstrations like this one and I was told that the demonstration was repeated many times over several hours without any failures or hesitation. The effect of the antenna swinging towards the target was so striking that the lady dressed in pink in the video exclaimed out loud "Oh my God!". The same four bullets used by Mr. Griesser for these demonstrations, with the addition of three ounces of gun powder, were used in my last experiment of the afternoon. In that experiment, Sniffex was completely unable to find these same explosives when the operator did not know their location.

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