Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sniffex test with "open" samples

In the video clip below, I explain to Paul Johnson and Lee White how I made the samples that we are going to use to test Sniffex. In the second portion of the clip, we move to a hotel hallway where we place the sample of salt and the sample of gun powder at a distance from each other as specified by Mr. Johnson.

Please note that again, when the experimenter knows where the explosive is, he gets a good deflection from Sniffex's antenna. In this test, with one ounce of smokeless powder, Mr. Johnson gets a strong positive result from the gun powder and no deflection of the antenna from the salt sample. Mr. White does not seem to reproduce the result. Mr. Johnson acknowledges that knowing where the sample is located can affect the results. I offer to perform the double blind test and Mr. Johnson agrees to it.

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